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Japanese Chinese character capability official approval Semi- 2 ordinary-motor-vehicle driver’s license Kind common motorcycle driver’s license dangerous object second category 4 kind
The 2nd class of the 2nd class of the 3rd class of information processing practical use capability official approval snowboard basic proficiency measurement interior coordinator color coordinator practical English official approval Semi- 2 class
After giving up an interior coordinator, inside [ it loses its way of life ] –
He can ん – find a job and it is
Although thought to that time which acquired the interior coordinator, now, the industries, such as construction and real estate, thought severe kana to me, and gave up to me.
Since an interior coordinator is private qualification, it is almost meaningless.
It merely has [ which is likely to be decorated ] such knowledge.
Since a state qualification must not try to carry out this and has a thing [ / a thing ] when there is this [ no ], it is worthy.
For a start, seemingly, an interior coordinator does not have qualification important points, if he is tasteful.
If not tasteless to put it plainly, since seemingly it will be touch that there is no semantic , it is touch as the qualification ?
They are things as it is only the purpose of merely learning knowledge.
If it is private qualification to be sure
those with being hard to be evaluated — that is right.
those with what kind of qualification ? having been heard with ancient-times
It would think whether there are those who do not know even existence of the qualification done in which its best and obtained. what it would be — ?
since it will probably be difficult to appeal in the qualification for being a grade which he can take nowadays — the knowledge purpose — a financial planner’s study

Answers Recruitment commercial high school

Since it had said the commercial high school, many things were taken.
It has some elsewhere.
But as for it being helpful at work, only upper 2 is In the interview, what was heard from the dealer in all in many cases.
Since it is in the Administrative Division of a construction firm now, that of the 1st class of a construction industry registered public accountant.
Success was carried out to the examination of the kana ? real estate transaction specialist who was Heisei 5 years surely.
But although a chief person certificate also needs to have training to after an experience in actual business or success, I neglect only by passing an examination (smile).
It is hearing-that the success itself is effective throughout life.
But most knowledge is although he forgets and business etc. are not made from now on.
1?dangerous object second category 6 kind
The second class of boiler engineer
In charge of a toxic substance highly poisonous substance
High pressure gas first kind sales chief person
U.S. NLP practitioner
It is only the qualification for I of honest operating wish not having necessity.

Answers Recruitment Industry

the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry — if I will aim at acquisition of the 2nd class of bookkeeping, you will study honestly, but is it concretely useful for change of occupation etc.??
Since the business-in-its-charge close by the present place of work was determined around March, next year, although it is uneasy …
It worries about whether work will be resigned decisively in March, next year, and it will go to a vocational school, or it will go to an industrial training school.
The 2nd class of the 3rd class of intellectual property management official approval business business judicial-affairs official approval Advisory-Specialist-for-Consumer’s-Affairs negotiation analyst
Ordinary motor vehicle
Public notary
Field underwriter ? (qualification to sell)
In charge of a dispatching agency
Health promoter
In charge of fire prevention disaster prevention
In charge of liquor traffic
In charge of food hygiene?
The second class of a helper
The 2nd class of the Society for Testing English Proficiency
The 2nd class of the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation
Three steps of kendo
Bayonet way ? first rank
Color coordinator
It is the qualification acquired in a hobby, business, and temporary business.

Answers Recruitment job

Isn’t mutual information exchange carried out to the direction troubled by employment and change of occupation?

If a new position was not decided, we still recommend you a talented-people introduction  company.

A talented-people introduction company arranges an interview of the company which ishes full-time employee adoption unlike an employment agency.

“Practice of an interview” and “amendment of a job curriculum vitae” are carried out. For the busy person who constructs Dandry towards change of occupation before retiring, the deer of a weekday which gives advice also Saturdays and Sundays late at night is also no charge.

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