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the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry — if I will aim at acquisition of the 2nd class of bookkeeping, you will study honestly, but is it concretely useful for change of occupation etc.??
Since the business-in-its-charge close by the present place of work was determined around March, next year, although it is uneasy …
It worries about whether work will be resigned decisively in March, next year, and it will go to a vocational school, or it will go to an industrial training school.
recently, it passed the UML fundamental examination of OMG authorization! However, among 80 questions, since the number of acceptance lines was 49, mine were dangerous at 46 or more questions (degree) Examination cost did not need to become useless since it is difficult considering elementary, please take care, if there are those who take an examination
CAD use engineer
the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry — the third class of bookkeeping
Restructuring -> since qualification required for the work is obtained to the degree of reemployment, it is ん from
Since the second class of bookkeeping differs [ get / from now on / the job of hope ] in the degree of required, inside [ it worries about it ].


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